Core Values of Thomas Speck's Fine Art Photography

Core values are the basic and fundamental beliefs and so the authentic soul of Thomas Speck Fine Art Photography.

Our values drive our decisions which drive our actions which drive our results (photography and prints, interaction with people, …). 

Constant Discovery

  • Passion brings about the greatest outcome.
  • Unique perspectives make outstanding work.
  • Masterpieces emerge only by great attention to detail.
  • Getting better every day.
  • The combination of state-of-the-art technology and traditional methods lead to finest results.

People Matter

  • Reaching out human to human characterizes positive connections.
  • Open-minded people are inspiring.
  • Being approachable and attentive is key in human interactions.
  • Being mindful about people and showing them respect leads to building trust.
  • Honest people stick to agreements.

Themed Visual Emotions

  • What humans perceive visually in their environment causes them to feel emotions.
  • Emotions can be created in visuals by an exclusive style with refined technical and artistic skills.
  • Emotions resonate in a positive way if they bring back good memories or ignite the fascination of the unexplored.
  • Extraordinary themes chosen for aesthetic purpose are key in the creation of emotions.
  • Patience and perseverance are needed in the creation of emotions.

True Meaning

  • People gain pleasure in their lives when touched by positive emotions.
  • People get a feeling of closeness to each other if memories are brought to life.
  • Special brought about feelings stimulate imagination to find a sense of coherence in our lives. 
  • Creating outstanding work makes stand out.
  • A variety of different themes make people mesmerized by the unexplored.
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