Thomas Speck

Thomas Speck

Thomas Speck

Thomas Speck, born in Germany, currently lives and works in the Parisian region (Colombes). He is an artistic photographer who uses landscape and city photography allegorically to explore his themes. Having grown up in a tri-border region between the Black Forest in Germany, the Vosges Mountains in France, and Basel in Switzerland, he has always been inspired by the contrast between international cities and nature. Although he holds a PhD in science and has management experience in the French industry, he studied artistic photography as a self-taught individual through online mentoring and intensive practice.

2020 – to this day

Photographic Artist

2024 : Certification as “Qualified European Photographer”

2023 : Art Shopping in Carrousel du Louvre

2023 : Honorable Mention IPA


2023 : Digital Photographer Magazine (Édition 265)

2023 : Black & White Magazine (Édition 161)

2022 : Digital Photographer Magazine (Édition 250)

2021 : Digital Photographer Magazine (Édition 238)

2020 : Digital Photographer Magazine (Édition 233)


Project Management in French Industry (Alcatel, Safran)


PhD in Basel, Switzerland and PostDoc in Rennes, France


Diploma in Chemistry, Basel, Switzerland

FFPMI Member
PPA Member
International Photography Awards - Honorable Mention
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