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My name is Thomas Speck, I am a urban and landscape photographer living in Paris, France. I'm born in the south-west of Germany where three countries, Switzerland, France, and Germany meet. My career started first in science with a diploma in Chemistry and a PhD (Switzerland) followed by a research position (France). Then I've worked many years as a manager on international projects in different areas in the French industry.

I've always been close to photography in my life. First thanks to my very first Kodak camera I've got as a kid, but also by numerous photos I took during my free time or travels (sometimes I just couldn't stop!). Some years ago when I became more involved by learning advanced retouching techniques I felt more and more drawn into photography until I've left my office job and started to work full time as a photographer. The transition from manager to photographer was a seamless transition as both require an improvisational nature and an ability to adapt to quickly changing conditions. Also my chemistry background helps me in photography since both are based on a similar process when it comes to finding proper measures and components to synthesize i.e. to compose. And since during my PhD I've been working with light of different colors to determine structures of molecules I sometimes wonder if this wasn't just another way of "drawing with light" (φωτός γραφή = phōtos graphé = photograph) by its own.

In my photography I am passionate about urban landscapes and seek to express visually the emotions of international cities (I love the cosmopolitan feel!) or of rural regions so that the spectator feels connected to the place. This is done through a composition which challenges the spectator while affecting him in an emotional way (e.g. by bringing back emotions about visited places or by mesmerizing him by the unexplored).

Digital Photographer Magazine issues 233, 238, 250, 265
Black & White magazine issue 161

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Thomas Speck

Latest Publication (Digital Photographer issue 265):

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