03PH05 – Orange Clouds Sunset

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Thomas’ photographs amplify emotions and give you a good feeling. He creates them using state of the art technology combined with a unique photo development process allowing real gallery quality prints made by the best photo lab worldwide.

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03PH05 – Orange Clouds Sunset

03PH05 – Orange Clouds Sunset

Experience this photo of Uttakleiv Beach (Uttakleivstranda) which has once been named Europe’s most romantic beach and the world’s 3rd most beautiful beach. “Orange Clouds Sunset” is a photograph made by Thomas Speck. It is part of the collection “Pureness and Harmony“.

I’ve photographed this place in winter when the entire area was covered by snow. To find the best angle I’ve moved up a way which is mostly parallel to the sea. But this wasn’t very easy since it also turns away from the sea and one mainly sees sharp rocks and scree instead of the waves. Also the weather was very bad since the entire sky was covered with dark clouds and it was also snowing a bit so that I decided to come back another day. But then suddenly the sky got brighter and from out of nowhere the sun came out illuminating the clouds over the rock formation in the sea (and only these ones!). Then hoping for this amazing light to stay I had been running back on the snowy way to the spot I had memorized earlier for a photograph, put down the tripod on the slippery rocks and waited for the waves to softly encircle the sharp rocks.

Sometimes one is lucky in landscape photography to get such an extraordinary light even then when the initial conditions are very bad. But in most of the cases the opposite is true and one has to come back again (and again). But what really counts is the end result that is if the photograph can convey the intended emotions.

Orange Clouds Sunset

Uttakleiv Beach (Uttakleivstranda) has once been named Europe’s most romantic beach and the world’s 3rd most beautiful beach. It so gives great inspiration for fine art photography: “Orange Clouds Sunset” is a photograph made by Thomas Speck. It is part of the collection “Pureness and Harmony“.


Landscape (horizontal)


Thomas has partnered with the best photo labs worldwide (TIPA World Awards). Premium Quality prints of this unique photograph is therefore guaranteed.

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Fine Art Paper

This is a superior pigment print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag. It has a very matte surface with a fine understated texture. Therefore, black and white and color photos print without reflections. In addition, premium printers ensure finest tonal graduation and emphasize every detail. Extremely long-lasting color that is true to the original.

These high quality Fine Art Paper Prints are produced with at least 0.39″ (1cm) of white border to ensure cutting edges.  They are designed to be placed in a glass frame with a paper mat (passe-partout), which can be purchased separately.


State-of-the-art inkjet printing for perfect results. It stands out through its rich colors, deep, dark tones, and strong contrasts. The high resolution and precise hues give therefore your canvas picture a detailed appearance. The colors on the printed canvas do not run and are therefore very durable.

The image is fully reproduced on the front of the canvas. This means the entire image is visible and digitally extended to seamlessly wrap on the sides (gallery wrap).

High-quality stretcher frame give it shape (1.57″ (4cm) deep), just like a traditional assembly of an oil painting. Furthermore, reinforced corners prevent warping. This makes tightening or refitting the canvas later unnecessary. In addition, there are no staples or ugly lines visible on the sides (very important)

They are ready to hang right out of the box with zero assembly required. Ultimate convenience.

Fine Art Pigment Print under Acrylic Glass

Take advantage of the latest printing technology that satisfies the highest demands! A high-resolution fine art print set behind acrylic glass reproduces the image with an especially wide spectrum of colors and impressive brilliance. And to achieve the best longevity, we seal the printed photograph behind acrylic glass with permanently elastic silicone. The sophisticated technology ensures perfect results for images of any size.

The design in a triple-layer sealed system not only offers ideal protection for the printed photograph, but also makes h exceptionally resistant and long-lasting. In addition, solvent-free inkjet printing is a proven printing technology from the field of fine arts. The pigment particles suspended in the liquid ink combined with a selected paper that guarantees the best detail and color reproduction therefore create brilliant colors.

Hanging System Included for Easy Mounting. Depending on the size we select and attach different hanging systems. Small ones come with hanging hooks, mid-sized ones with two horizontals rails and larger ones with wall posts.


Our premium partner carefully checks the photograph by hand, gives a protective cover and places it in art-secure packaging for safe shipment.

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  • Premium Quality Prints from the best photo labs worldwide are available for this photo from Uttakleiv Beach.
  • Choose size and type from dropdown menu. Printing materials include Fine Art Paper, Canvas, and Fine Art Pigment Print under Acrylic Glass.
  • Free and fast international shipping.

“Orange Clouds” is a photograph made by Thomas Speck on Uttakleiv Beach, Lofoten Islands, Norway. Contact us for any questions.

Paper Print - Real Live Example

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Print under Glass - Real Live Example

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